Want to Succeed with Google Adsense?

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For bloggers, working with Adsense is no longer a strange thing because it has obvious advantages obtained. But, in fact, to achieve these benefits is not as easy as imagined. Nevertheless, among those who have succeeded in achieving it, the joy of being with him has found the secret of success with Google Adsense.

Here's the secret of success with Adense according to Alan Lim

1. Professional Website 

Alan Lim mentioned that you wouldn’t turn up at work shabbily dressed and in the same way you should not present a shabby website to your visitors. It is important that your website is professionally designed and is geared towards making the visitor’s browsing experience pleasant. For Adsense success, it is important that visitors can easily navigate through your site and access every page. This means that more pages of your website get viewed by every visitor, dramatically increasing your chances of a high CTR.

2. Purposeful Website

The second secret, according to Alan Lim, visitors go to a website for a purpose. Your website also needs to fulfill some purpose for the visitor. It is important that your website is a resource for web users to visit for information, service or product. Identify the purpose of your website and design the website around it. Ensure that the website is filled with original and relevant content. Both visitors and search engines can easily see through websites that are not really offering any information and are simply platforms for Adsense ads. Adsense success is difficult to come by if you simply focus on serving ads and not on serving a specific purpose through your website.

3.Original Website

What is a original website? Lim explained that it is content of your website. If you have copy and pasted the content from another website simply to create a platform for serving ads, your ruse will be quickly seen through by Google and you risk being blacklisted from using Adsense. For Adsense success, it is recommended that you write original content for every page of your website. These days it is very easy to hire freelance writers to write original copyright free content for you.

4. Fresh Content

The fourth secret is fresh content. According to Alan Lim that for Adsense success, it is important that you get high paying ads for your website. One of the ways to ensure good ads on your website is by ensuring that you keep adding fresh content to your website. Fresh content is equated with more relevant content by Google and your chances of getting high paying ads on your website substantially increase by adding fresh content on a regular basis.

In addition to the 4 secrets Alan Lim has explained, success with Google Adsense requires also technical steps that must be prepared. Andrew Bell calls 10 steps that greatly support your success with Google Adsense. To see in detail, you can see it here: Ten Steps to Make Top Google Adsense Money.

Good luck with you.

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