Making Money Strategies For Newbies

Author: Frankie U

Making Money Strategies For Newbies
If you are new to Internet marketing and making money on the Internet you will appreciate this article. In it we will talk about some guaranteed making money strategies newbies can implement to begin making money right away if they are willing to learn how and work hard.

1. The first strategy we want to talk about is setting up a blog and monetizing it for profit. This is a good way for newbies to get started making money because it doesn't require any specialized knowledge and very easy to do.

You can go to Blogger.com, which is owned by Google, and set up a blog in three easy steps. You only need a couple of minutes to do.

You should apply for the Google Adsense affiliate program and place some Google ads on your blog when your blog is set up. Google offers short how to do tutorials but again it doesn't take any special skill.

Making money with the Google Adsense program is the easiest way to make money on the Internet today. You have probably seen on other people's websites and blogs have Google ads.

Every time a website or blog visitor clicks on one of these ads, Google will pay you a small commission. Google will ban you from the program if you do click on the ads of your own blog so you never want to do that.

However you are never asking anyone to pay for anything and all they have to do is click on the ad for you to make money. Google has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in commissions so far so it lets you know how easy it is to do.

2. The other guaranteed money making strategy for newbies we want to talk about is affiliate marketing. You can join affiliate programs for free and be given everything you need to make money online.

Affiliate merchants will give you your own website and provide the products for it. They also will collect the money and ship the products to your customer. Every time a customer buys a product from your affiliate ID number on a website or banner you get paid a commission for doing that.

The other thing affiliate merchants provide you with is marketing materials such as banner ads, text ads, social media, and so on. Your job is to promote your affiliate website in as many ways as you possibly can using these marketing tools.

As you can see these are easy strategies to get started with making money if you are new to Internet marketing.

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