What is Adsense?

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Do you making money from google adsense? Before we talk about adsense further, why google create this free money making opportunity? With this free program called “Google Adsense” google created an opportunity in for you to make money for free with adsense that extension in AdWords program that allows any website owner to place AdWords ads on your blog or site.

As an Adsense publisher , google gives you ads in different type of adsense ads. Google does this for free once you have been approved by Google adsense. The Technology in adsense is advanced content recognition and clever, that know which country is viewing a site from. For example, if you had site about adsense, seo tips or free money making, people viewing your ads in USA would see adsense ads from USA site company.

As an Adsense Publisher, when someone clicks on one your adsense ads, google will take charges to advertiser. Google then takes cut of the money and gives the rest to you. Although google adsense won’t disclose any details about their payout ratio, it is rumored that they take 32% and you get 64%.

Google use proprietary algorithms to determine the content theme on each page of your web site with an AdSense box. As a result, each web page, with an AdSense display box, must have interesting and informative content for your website visitor.

Google will determine the keyword theme from the content and display AdWords ads in the AdSense box that are relevant to the web page keyword theme.

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